Family History Information Merchant Seamens.england

Family History Information Merchant Seamens.england

Family History Information :Merchant Seamens .England.

An Excellent Book called My Ancestor was a Merchant Seamen,how can I find out more about him? by Christopher and Michael Watts has been published by the Society of Genealogists in London. It gives in great detail the records available for researching your seafaring ancestors. Most of the records are kept at the Public Record Office in London. The Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamens 1835-1856 could be a good place to start for a merchant navy ancestor as a birthplace is given. Earlier records the name of the ship is necessary. If your ancestor was a ship’s captain then the records of the Lloyd’s Marine Collections which are deposited at the Guildhall library ,Aldermanbury,London EC2P 2EJ may help you.

Navy: To obtain copies of your naval ancestors career you need to know the ship he served on at any stage in his career or a battle he was in. Description book: giving physical detail of each recruit together with age and birthplace. They begin in 1790 and are at the P.R.O. Muster rolls: of ship’s crews giving name,rank,age and birthplace. They date from 1680 but are more frequent after 1696 and complete from 1740. They are held at the P.R.O. Navy Lists : Exist from 1749 and record the name and commissions of Officers. Pay Books and Pension Books Pay books run from 1669 and the Pension books from 1734-1885. In the case of Widows pensions marriage certificate are attached . Both  sets of records are held at the P.R.O. Pensioner entry and Discharge papers from Greenwich Hospital date from 1704-1869 and are kept at the Public Record Office.

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12 February 2011

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