Regional Genealogical Societies in Australia

Regional Genealogical Societies in Australia

This is to help you find the names and address of family history societies in Australia.

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Regional genealogical Societies In Australia.

The Names and Address of family history societies in Australia  I have listed  the following.


Armidale Family History Group,

P.O. Box 111, Armadale  N.S.W  2350.

Bathurst Family History Society ,

P.O.Box 1058 , Bathurst,N.S.W  2795.

Botany Bay Family History Society,

P.O. Box 600, Sutherland, N.S.W  2232.

Bourke Family History Group.

Mrs MD Gordon, Park-dale Orchard, Bourke, N.S.W  2840.

Broken Hill Genealogy Group ,

P.O. Box 701, Broken Hill N.S.W  2880.

Bur-wood Hill and District Family History Group,

26 Action Street, Croydon N.S.W, 2132.

These are some of the address  you can  contact if you are researching your family history. There are more address to look for here are some of them.


Genealogical Society of Tasmania

P.O. Box 640 G , Hobart, Tasmania,7001


The Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra

G.P.O Box 585 Canberra A.C.T 2601.


Genealogical Society of  The Northern Territory

P.O. Box 37212 Winnellie, N.T. 5789.


The South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society Inc.

7 Maple Avenue, Forrestville S.A. 5035.

You need to contact these society’s if you are researching your family history and you have to state at yourself.

You will need to find your birth certificate and your parents birth certificates and marriage certificate to find the information you need to complete your work on your family history so the future generations can see your work

You can contact the family history society’s in your own states or towns in your country.

You might find you have a Rich ancestor in one of your families lines. You can only hope so .

You be well on your way to finding your ancestors so keep researching for them .

You can find more family history society on the Internet so look them up.Or write to your local record office in your city or go to your local Library for help. You also have to look at the web sites for family history at,,, .Or at The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-Day Saint (Mormon Church) in the U.S.A.

The India Record Office at the British Library London England have usefull records for people who has ancestor in India.

You should want to know whowere your forebears and where did they come from. So when recording names of married women on your family tree charts always use thier maiden names.

All dates should be written in for like 9 September 1868 not 9.9.1868. Sep. for September, Oct. for October is allowed.

You will find it’s fun and interesting to do your research about your family history.

I have more useful information on my web site that you can look at when you need more help on any family history research .

Take a look at, , and at

These sites will give you more information .

You can research the records at the state record office in each capital city’s in our country.

George Thomas Saviel

15 Oct. 2009

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